Knicks Clinch, But Where Will They Seed?

Well it’s not where Knicks fans necessarily want to be however, the Knicks are not on the outside looking in. The Knicks are projected to be the 7th seed in the playoff and potentially will play the Miami Heat in the playoffs. However, there are some circumstances that may be able to help the Knicks get out of the first round. Such as if the Orlando Magic lose their final two games and the Knicks win their final two games the NY Knicks will move up to the 6th seed and end up playing the Indian Pacers. The Knicks finished the season series with Indiana 2-1. Another situation which could be in favor of the Knicks is if the Miami Heat win their next two games and the Chicago Bulls lose their next two games the Bulls will fall to the 2nd seed and the Knicks would be their opponent. Although the Bulls won the season series 3-1 the Bulls have more flaws the the Heat do and the Knicks have a better chance to get to the 2nd round.  But the Knicks will only go as Far as Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire will take them.


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