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Now Back To Business

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2014 by Confused Knicks Fan

Ok Knicks fans it’s time for everyone to get back to work. Our New York Knicks will take on the lead candidate for the ROTY award Kyrie Irving and the 9th place Cleveland Cavaliers take a walk into the Garden. Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony will try and coexist tonite and immulate how the Knicks should play like the night they played the Mavs. New York will play this last game at the Garden before a 4 game road trip against Celtics, Mavericks, Bucks and Spurs. So I know im not the only one who wants to see if Linsanity is more than just the seasons first half story. So tune in die hard Knicks fans and see if the Knicks are ready to contend in the East.


All Star weekend *Saturday

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i has been a fun and very surprising all star weekend each event had its share of winners with Flo’Rida and also Team NY brings it home.

Haier Shooting Stars- Team New York

Skills Challenge- Tony Parker

Three point shootout- Kevin Love

Slam Dunk Contest- Jeremy Evans?????

Like A Playoff Game

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Tonight the Knicks will host the last regular season game in Madison Square Garden against Lob Cities Finest, Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers lost to the Hawks made the Clippers the second best team in California for the time being. The Knicks need to come out in this game with a momentum to want to control the game.  If the Knicks want to face an opponent that will give them a better chance of reaching the 2nd round then the Miami Heat, the Knicks will have to set the tone early to better their chances of possibly clinching the 6th seed. So they need to treat tonight like a playoff game.

Knicks Clinch, But Where Will They Seed?

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2014 by Confused Knicks Fan

Well it’s not where Knicks fans necessarily want to be however, the Knicks are not on the outside looking in. The Knicks are projected to be the 7th seed in the playoff and potentially will play the Miami Heat in the playoffs. However, there are some circumstances that may be able to help the Knicks get out of the first round. Such as if the Orlando Magic lose their final two games and the Knicks win their final two games the NY Knicks will move up to the 6th seed and end up playing the Indian Pacers. The Knicks finished the season series with Indiana 2-1. Another situation which could be in favor of the Knicks is if the Miami Heat win their next two games and the Chicago Bulls lose their next two games the Bulls will fall to the 2nd seed and the Knicks would be their opponent. Although the Bulls won the season series 3-1 the Bulls have more flaws the the Heat do and the Knicks have a better chance to get to the 2nd round.  But the Knicks will only go as Far as Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire will take them.

7 and counting

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The Knicks are looking to add to their good fortune and try and grab a win this Friday against the New Orleans Hornets. They are trying to add a record 8 straight win.  Behind the insane Lin-Sanity they call Jeremy Lin with a strong Amare Stoudemire and a Knicks team that finally seems to be clicking who can really stop them. With the potential of signing of J.R Smith the Knicks can defiantly be a force to deal with in the Eastern Conference.

6 in a row

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Well there is this little epidemic going around called Linsanity and if you have any symptoms you might be suffering from out of control Knicks excitement, wondering where the diamond in the ruff was hiding all this time, maybe the Knicks can have a really high seeding if the play continues to uphold itself, wondering how many ways to incoperate Lin in fun like but catchy puns, also finding a way to buy the Jersey #17? If you have any of these symptoms dont worry cause you are fully induced by Linsanity. His great night finishes with 27 points and 11 assists also contributing was Amare Stoudemire with 21 points. If you still dont believe we will be happy to help you with any more questions you have of Linsanity.

The Lin Again

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For the first time this season the NY Knicks have a five game winning streak proving that Lin has started a spark under the Knicks and now they ae beginning to play cohesive and great basketball. Is Lin really the answer to the knicks point guard issue or to Mike D’Antoni job crisis  well whatever role Jeremy Lin is playing nobody in the NA can stop him. 20 points and 8 assists what a night…. what a week for him all i can hope is that the Knicks continue to Lin Lin Lin.